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LoRaWAN Connectivity

GSM independent, long range, low power, economic and secure wireless network.

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Run-Hour Reports and Real Time Tracking

Activity analysis based on sensor data and geofence locations. Detailed reports with work zone, machine group and performance dimensions.

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Low Carbon Emissions and Reduced Idling

Identify long idling periods. Optimize your fleet based on utilization reports. Analyze working condition of each equipment.

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Smart Sensors

Smart sensors with specially developed algorithms can detect machine movements and analyse if the machine is working, idle running or stopped. Alerts can be triggered in case of accidents, high speed and anomalies. Our rugged and IP67-protected sensors provide maintenance-free plug-play usage.


Different wireless sensors, IoT solutions and other 3rd party applications can be integrated and orchestrated through Tingz. Different workflows and rules can be built with Tingz System Integrator Interface.

Business Intelligence

Tingz offers an extensive analytics and reporting solution from standart run-hour charts to comparable utilization reports and smart maintenance schedules.


GSM independent, secure and affordable wireless communication


Connect to Tingz from your mobile device. Get notifications, alerts and work orders while working on the field.

Data Security

Protect your worksite data on the move with secure wireless protocols. Keep your data at rest securely in the cloud.






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