Social networks: a weapon in opposition to harassment and aggression

Social networks: a weapon against harassment and aggression 


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ... social networks have just lately played a top function in the struggle in opposition to harassment and abuse of females. But their use in this case is debate: is it really their area?

The social networks to struggle in opposition to harassment. It may appear fairly contradictory considering the fact that harassment on discussion boards and social networks on their own is commonplace . In fact, when we share shots, statutes, opinions, whether or not it is an account open up to the public or non-public, we expose ourselves and criticism is quick, insults and threats rain down. comments, for the reason that anonymously or virtually, we come to feel rather robust and secured guiding his display to find the money for what we could say in the "real existence". But this is not the subject of these days. Let's leave aside all the abuses that we may be victims of on social networks and we are intrigued in the device they sometimes develop into, supporting a bring about or denouncing abuses and terrible behaviors influencing females, men, our culture.

Social networks these days

This is not new, social networks are also made use of as a weapon to defend ideas, individually or for an affiliation, a political occasion, and so on. They have develop into a device made use of by all spheres of the populace. Twitter Facebook Instagram and even YouTube for videos ... Broadcasting an engaged message, what ever it is, grew to become quick and sometimes even viral, many thanks to the well-known hashtags and key terms that can immediately locate, but also to acquire a ton of messages and media about a subject. We converse, we share, we exchange, we aid, we denounce, we dedicate ... The RS have develop into our public area, where everybody can convey on their own.

In latest occasions, you will have almost certainly noticed that considering the fact that it has taken a selected scale, social media have develop into the theater of the denunciation of the ethical and sexual harassment done to females. Many have observed in the RS a area to point out all the bodily and verbal violence they may come upon on a everyday basis, whether or not they are these done in their workplaces or even in the street.

Social networks to denounce

Harassing is not complimenting

In its place of tracing her route in indifference, responding curtly to them, leaving in very long explanations or even exploding with rage, a university student made the decision to choose edge of the attractiveness of social networks to denounce her street stalkers. And to be additional exact, it diverts the follow of selfie to serve the bring about. When a gentleman or a team of men phone calls for the explanations outlined above, she takes a photo with them and shares the cliché on her account Instagram .


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With #dearcatcallers, the youthful woman has managed to suitable the selfie phenomenon while making use of social networks. They let to revive the discussion about street harassment, but also " raise consciousness of the subjectization of females in day-to-day existence" as recalled by the creator from the Instagram account. This subject of culture still desires to choose an significant area in the public and political debates. Some damaging and contemptuous reactions to this university student's struggle are evidence of this: the dilemma is misunderstood and not constantly taken significantly.

#balancetonporc, #myharveyweinstein, # metoo ...

Far more just lately, the Weinstein case, movie producer, accused of harassment, sexual assault and rape by dozens of actresses. The audiovisual earth is very touched by these excesses, and obtaining developed, all circles have seized the phenomenon. The latter was also widely distribute many thanks to the hashtag #balancetonporc . This arrives from the Twitter initiative on the other side of the Atlantic with #MyHarveyWeinstein. Violent, but surely necessary, it is accompanied by a tweet, a testimony.

He was sometimes poorly obtained, judged as remaining only a public lynching. It has also supplied start to solutions really close to the plate as #balancetatruie, for the reason that we at the time again undervalue the facts, we problem their veracity. Indeed it's large, it transpires these days massively in the facial area of these who till now were not informed of the magnitude of the phenomenon, or dismissed it voluntarily. And nonetheless, it's the day-to-day existence of females. I do not know a one woman who does not have a agonizing tale to notify about it. Also emerged that of #metoo considered a very little much less "aggressive" by some and some, to aid the bring about and add his experience to this circulation of testimony.

A hashtag phone calls yet another, and nonetheless yet another ...

Guys have tried out to suitable the debate with numerous hashtags, with a variety of motives. The initial to surface area is the #balancetonmecsupercool, implied #notallmen, so " we are not all like that ", evidently mistaken for debate. Women, but also men, have reacted to this. Women do not forged their hate, and not all men. It is about below to report unfortunate occasions with men, sad to say again, these occasions are very several. The solutions to this coverup, whether or not men or females, are fairly apparent: "Do not give by yourself a medal if you have very little to reproach you for that side, you are just ordinary. Do not flip absent the subject. "

For men by no means have to speak as an alternative of females, but on the other hand, they can aid them. The struggle is led by the victims, the females. It is the persons involved who need to advance this struggle. They will need the aid of men and especially their listening, no question, but they stay masters on the subject. Guys, what you can do to assist them is to accompany them, you are a shoulder, a pillar sometimes. But, at the hazard of repeating myself, for the reason that it's significant, it's a feminine voice that need to have this struggle. We do not will need heroes, " excellent boy ", but a close friend, a father, a brother.

#Ivedonethat was then taken over by men who, seeking to aid the victims by showing that these terrible steps are real, report deplorable behavior they may have had in their past. An outlet in shorter. I stay blended on the use of this hashtag. What does it translate? Indeed, it is an remedy that can also silence these who say that females do also a great deal or invent for the reason that the quantity of testimonies is very significant and proceeds to develop. It also exhibits that men identify their errors. But ... It also designed a new controversy and did not correct the male-feminine romantic relationship on Twitter. Many stunned females - but also men - by this motion assert justice and consider that it is not below that we need to confess his faults, but at a police station.

Elevating a minimized dilemma

A everyday for females

It is sometimes tough to consider for a gentleman what it is to move on the street, public transportation and other, when one particular is a woman. They do not have this experience, it's not their everyday existence. But nonetheless, it's a fact, really. From the seem that undresses you, to the mischievous smile, passing by these couple displaced words, a hissing, coarse gestures and other wandering hands ... It does not appear nearly anything for some of you and nonetheless the accumulation in period, but also sometimes in one particular day, is annoying, incomprehensible and even hurtful. Regardless of whether on the street or in the place of work

We are not at your disposal gentlemen

There is one particular factor that is necessary to place a excellent time for all in the skull. No, a woman does not will need an outdoors individual to simply call her to notify her that she is stunning or listen to any comment on her physique. Likewise, if she made the decision to dress attractive, it's her right, it does not mean that there is a message in opposition to the male populace or a right to access it .

Harassment by dragging

A woman does not will need to acquire the approval of a stranger to come to feel stunning. It is only sexist to consider that as a gentleman you have the right to verbally impose your judgment whether or not it is excellent or terrible on the bodily look of a woman you do not know, on the street . The drag is an agreement, a mutual consent where both equally get-togethers are accomplices. When a gentleman comes with no warning to quit you and make a remark or talk to for your 06, this is not the case. It's harassment, point bar.

Harassment has very little to do with dragging

Are social networks the area for that?

A harsh fact

The initial reproach that the females authors of these tweets acquire is the following: " Do not go on Twitter if you have been assaulted, go to the police station " . But it is enough to linger a very little bit to the content of tweets of these females or even additional widely to what the latter report in real existence. In this way, we uncover that complaining is not quick in alone, presently for the reason that to choose the phase at the minute of the shock demands an unbelievable pressure and that in these moments, one particular is alternatively lower than ground. But also for the reason that, sad to say, the statements do not constantly adhere to or are not taken significantly. Sticks in the wheels that's what we expose ourselves to. The struggle is tough. This is a fact.

Enable for the victims

The RS will not do justice. Do not cover it from us. On the other hand, they have a very significant function to enjoy. By their toughness and relevance in these days's earth, they give voice to all these who want and can, to convey on their own, to locate aid, to integrate into teams to struggle successfully in opposition to these aggressions , small everyday violence and dramas. It is also a prospect to locate toughness, listen and assist in the reconstruction approach.

An consciousness initial and foremost

Ultimately, and not minimum, the RS have an plain ability, by their viral facet. They are a medium, they transmit ... they make you informed. Simply because typically killed, sometimes mocked or not taken significantly, all these varieties of violence need to leave their silence. It is a real social dilemma that has been closed for also very long. Simply because there is evidently a denial, a rejection, an virtually systematic self-protection on the component of some persons who do not understand that these "small" items can have an affect on the existence of a woman and additional commonly of females and females. impression of these

Guys are not, in a significant way, victims so it is tough for them to evidently place on their own in situation. This can not go on. Guys or females, that passions are unleashed, strike, shake your beliefs, exchange, get upset ... the significant factor is to converse about it, to raise the challenges and that the non-public, the public, the political, the Point out seize it to finally suggest steps. Simply because, soon after the emotion, area to the steps. Ultimately. It's a starting, but a necessary starting.

A way to educate in 2017

Simply because amongst tweets, we locate men who problem, problem, and develop into informed of their steps and these of other people, and hope to adjust their behavior in the long term - whether or not they are right associated or witnesses - for the reason that now they know, they have no additional excuses. They now know the outcomes of their steps. I grant you, it's a very little sad that we had to place their noses right in them to open up their eyes ... But indeed, as mentioned prior to, it's a starting and in a earth where very long these subjects remained in off, we can also consider that items are altering, and in a excellent way.

Schooling in its broadest feeling - spouse and children, school, politics, media - has a principal function to enjoy, and so it also includes social networks. And excellent information, the motion introduced with #balancetonporc and #metoo has been exported all over the earth.


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Social networks: a weapon against harassment and aggression 

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