Olive and Tom will return to hit the ball in 2018

Olive and Tom will return to hit the ball in 2018 

It is September 5, 1988 and France discovers Olivier Atton (Tsubasa Ohzora in the VO) and Thomas Price tag (Genzo Wakabayashi). Although the Japanese animated start out to fury in our nation many thanks, in specific, to Dragon Ball Goldorak or Tom Sawyer it is a sequence on the football that will develop the sensation.

A unique remake?

From his first title, Captain Tsubasa the anime was launched 5 several years before, in 1983, on the Television channel Tokyo in Japan. For several years, in particular many thanks to the Club Dorothée, we turn into buddies with charismatic people and tales all far more ridiculous than each and every other. However in 2012, the sequence ongoing to be broadcast on the exhibit Zouzous on France 5. Regretably, and even with its 128 episodes, Olive and Tom has by no means experienced his legitimate suite (Olive and Tom: The Return does not depend not really), the a single we experienced been hoping for several years.

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In August 2016 nevertheless, a 1st rumor of a return to the entrance of the phase emerges devoid of currently being verified by Television Tokyo or the creator of the first manga, Yôichi Takahashi. Yesterday, it is with a specific trend that a new sequence, remake, of Captain Tsubasa has been announced. Olive and Tom will be back in the spring of 2018, and we will (re) explore their story. The strategy is attractive and in particular clever, because the launch is prepared a couple of months just before the Soccer Entire world Cup in Russia.

A 1st effective trailer accompanies this announcement and a committed site in which we can discover far more, if we understand Japanese, about the arrival of this animated. If we are conversing about a remake for Olive and Tom, we guess that the story ought to nevertheless be somewhat unique from the a single we all know. Solution in a couple of months with, ideally, a French broadcast (at the Minikeums?) To the critical!

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Olive and Tom will return to hit the ball in 2018 

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