Manual: How to market smartphones and electronics you do not want any longer

Guide: How to sell smartphones and electronics you do not want anymore 


There are quite effortlessly equipment that satisfy all our requires, even the most wacky, but there constantly arrives a time when these requires improve and in which all of a sudden the utility of these equipment is misplaced. We retail outlet them in which we can in the meantime to maybe need to have them, but right after a whilst there is no location to place them away and all that continues to be is to market them. But how ? Numerous web pages like eBay or the fantastic corner exist and it is not simple to navigate.

The second-hand industry is booming, self-enable web pages and labeled adverts are genuinely profitable, they permit for some to resell objects they no for a longer period need to have and for others to purchase it cheaply. Everyone wins. But it's challenging to uncover your bearings, so here are our tips.

Estimate the resale price tag

This is definitely an crucial place: before reselling, you have to estimate the resale price tag. This price tag relies upon on numerous parameters, like the condition of your smartphone or other tech products, the fact that it is continue to under warranty but also its coastline (based on source and need) . To determine this, we suggest you to research for eBay and LeBonCoin adverts for a related products, but also to maintain an eye on service provider web pages and other industry places.

Of training course, if you market your smartphone additional highly-priced than its new price tag, you will need to have luck. Do not be reluctant to specify in your ad if you are completely ready to negotiate and if the shipping costs are involved in the sale price tag .

FrAndroid's forum, classifieds and tips

A variety of profits channels are accessible to you. We can only suggest you to go through our forum, in which lovers frequently present fantastic bargains and in which you can acquire the temperature of the rates practiced before you also start investing. You will uncover it at this handle: FrAndroid Forum .


To get the greatest price tag for his products, absolutely nothing better than to market it directly to an additional particular person . Of course, we suggest you to share the announcement with your pals and your pals, on social networks for instance.

The other resolution is to switch to labeled adverts, and you will have the alternative in between platforms. In fact, numerous no cost programs and appropriate iOS like Android are accessible and will permit you to stick to your negotiations wherever you are.


LeBonCoin is the have to of have to : significant need and numerous features. It is also the greatest location to be had. We have some tips to stick to, which you can also undertake on other classifieds web pages.

For the title of your ad, short and instructive. For instance: " Samsung Galaxy S7 (32GB) White, new affliction with bill ". If you market a smartphone, reveal some features (colour, amount of storage, standard affliction). Give as significantly detail as you can with out having way too very long. Place a number of pictures, specially on notable objects (if you have some scratches, reveal it and acquire a picture of these stripes). You genuinely have to reassure the buyer, place you in his shoes.

LeBonCoin is also a landmark of scammers of all varieties. In the situation of hand-to-hand profits, select cash. Refuse the checks and move by payments via intermediaries (like Paypal or financial institution transfer). We also suggest that you generate a dedicated mobile phone selection, for instance, by the ON / OFF software .

Positive aspects:

  • It's simple to use
  • This is a recognised web-site with a great deal of site visitors


  • A person have to be extremely vigilant against ripoffs
  • No payment safety

You can down load the dedicated software, or go through the web page.



On Fb numerous groups exist for labeled adverts, self enable and getting, offering, investing equipment.

You can uncover them effortlessly by exploring by key terms like buy, sale with the title of your city. The moment in a team you will only have to post your ad and then take care of the feedback / non-public messages. Be certain to check the invitation requests to go over privately. All this is going on on Fb Marketplace .

Positive aspects:

  • It's simple to use
  • A great deal of end users


  • Fantastic prospects for ripoffs, keep notify!
  • No payment safety, stick to the information supplied over

Really feel no cost also to publish on your information feed to your pals with really pictures to accompany the announcement.

You might also move by non-public groups these types of as:

The other classifieds web pages

There are numerous other labeled ad web pages that lack visibility and site visitors. We continue to picked some of them, like Wallapop, Stootie (which features the chance of safe payment), but also the renowned eBay (which has misplaced some of its notoriety, it features payment safety with Paypal). Be mindful though, eBay requires significant commissions if you go through their payment technique, which is frequently needed to reassure customers.


Market Spots

The option is to go through a market. This is an interesting location for additional than a person cause: it secures payments, but you will have commissions to shell out back to the platforms. PriceMinister is a little expert of the form, which can intervene in situation of dispute. Take note that the time of reception of the payment is crucial, it is required to hold out right up until the buyer validates the reception of the products.


Amazon can also resell tech solutions, just go to the products web page of your item for sale then simply click on "Offer on Amazon". As an particular person, if you market a lot less than 25 solutions for every thirty day period, the standard present is enough .

You have a number of options: you can ship the products you to the buyer or only deliver it to an Amazon distribution center and Amazon will ship it to buyers when buying. Many thanks to the provider Ships from Amazon objects are qualified for no cost delivery as aspect of Amazon Premium. Of course, Amazon will acquire its margin on the sale: on the tech, about twelve% fee for Amazon.

Cellular Recycling On the net

If you do not want to trouble your head, the recycling web pages will permit you to estimate your solutions for sale and specially you will redeem them. Of course, it is a lot less financially rewarding than a direct sale, but you will cash your cash relatively swiftly with a specified safety. Be mindful though, examine the estimates in between a number of services and come to feel no cost to be precise about the position of your device. You will notice that makes a lot less recognised in France, like Xiaomi for instance, are not taken into account.

Below are the services we suggest:

Bodily Signs

Those in a hurry will be equipped to visit bodily indications of recovery style Dollars Converters . Check before the transaction the price tag you feel is good to steer clear of disappointment!

Positive aspects:

  • existing in all medium-sized towns
  • the sale is immediate if the fastened price tag is suitable


  • Redemption price tag frequently extremely very low
  • sellers are not often connoisseurs

How to market?

To market is an art, but also and specially a situation of prudence. It is a dilemma of assessing the value of the object on sale in accordance to the rates practiced by the other resellers of related solutions (useless to enjoy the greedy ones, you would keep with your device on the arms), to uncover the most tailor-made to your requires, and uncover a trusted buyer.

For this, you have to be certain a seem transaction from conclude to conclude: post a clear announcement mentioning the date of buy, the condition of don and components shipped with the device, delete your particular information and your doable ROM ( don't forget to conserve almost everything before ), select the delivery method of the most straightforward terminal in accordance to your problem ... and do not ignore to talk to your buyer invoices and ensures, whilst it acquiring a profits certification signed in duplicate.

Below is a duplicate of attestation accessible to you on Google Travel .

For all the aspects:

It's your switch!

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Guide: How to sell smartphones and electronics you do not want anymore 

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