In 2017, Google&#39s Android interface is no lengthier the best

In 2017, Google's Android interface is no longer the best 


The the latest release of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is dependent on the issue of the "stock" variation of Android: is it however the best variation of Google's OS, and does it even exist, d elsewhere?

Android "stock": a paradox?

Some time in the past I explained to you about my practical experience with the option launchers a will have to to make the use of the greater part of Android smartphones suitable to me. Why ? If there are some supplemental motives this kind of as the simplicity of synchronization options and preparations concerning multiple terminals, the main remains: short circuit interfaces manufacturers who are hardly ever to my taste.

This view is only for me: I like what Matias Duarte brought to Android, specially considering the fact that Lollipop and Material Design and style. I like the minimalism, the individuality of this interface. I like the choices that have been designed by people today with a very clear view, not a committee. And I start off from the premise - far more and far more erroneously, that's what we're going to see - that the far more a builder respects the spirit of "Android by Google", the far more possible he is to be a part of the relaxation of the philosophy, providing faster updates, and much less programs duplicate or not at all.

Of a personalization necessary to the excesses of the "overlouches"

Which is a tiny paradoxical when you feel about it, due to the fact Android, the OS presented by Google that manufacturers and operators can correct, has usually promoted this customization. And in fact, Android "stock", right up until at least Jelly Bean, it was not folichon. It's not for nothing that Touchwiz or HTC Feeling were born: these interfaces designed up a little something that was, at that time, somewhat arid.

And it is true that there was a time period when what was termed "overlay" was synonymous with interface grazing the negative taste, gadget features bringing nothing far more than cumbersome , of optimization with the ladle, in short of a catalog of bric-a-brac whose only justification appeared to be that another person had worked on it. And it was also that Google punched and brandished the danger of his acquire of Motorola to serene the ardor of Samsung in the area, evidence that it was most likely gone a tiny far too much.

A real predicament in truth, due to the fact it will have to be admitted that if the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to acquire the most the latest, are of course quite very good smartphones irrespective of their display issues, the The sexiest telephones, the most effective, the most extraordinary by their top quality of integration, by their display which arouse the envy, are usually at Samsung. Basically, the perfect cellular phone would be a Galaxy S8 or Notice 8 with a ROM stock.

Even so, does this opposition usually have to be? I give you my view of maniac user who spends much far too much time to "stock" a smartphone Huawei or Samsung, but in truth of the matter we have most likely arrived at a issue the place it does not subject much, and the place the arguments in "pure" terminals are even turning into scarcer.

A not so pure Android

The popular "philosophy" has taken the direct in the wing. Even though it might have been true in Moto X 2014, underneath the wing of Lenovo, Motorola trailed practically as much as the others to deploy its updates, when Samsung or Huawei have drastically lifted their foot on their variations ergonomics and their tendency to gadget features, when turning into somewhat very good learners on updates. We will have to also return what belongs to them: amongst the atrocities dedicated by Samsung, specially at the time of the Galaxy S4, the producer has also served to introduce real very good ideas like dual-window method, last but not least officially built-in into Android with Nougat, different tries far more or fewer thriving 1-handed method of use, and a dose of personalization that is lacking, according to some, the practical experience "pure".

And what is the "pure" Android in 2017 in any case? Given that Google generates its individual smartphones for the real objective of offering them to the basic general public, the Mountain Watch corporation also will make its exceptional features a strong argument. Definitely, factors would be less difficult for us techies "sharp" if all the builders agreed to adopt the very same demanding and minimalist technique. But that will under no circumstances be the situation, and last but not least, the hole is much fewer embarrassing than it was 4 or five several years in the past.

Anyway, we can not even invest in Pixel 2 in France so ...

                 Pixel 2

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In 2017, Google's Android interface is no longer the best 

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