How to put in the Android eight.1 Oreo Developer Preview on a Nexus or a Pixel? – Tutorial

How to install the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview on a Nexus or a Pixel? - Tutorial 


Google has released the latest version of Android: Android eight.1 Oreo. It is however a "Developer Preview" version, so may possibly comprise bugs, but below's how to put in it for the additional adventurous.

Android eight.1 Oreo D eveloper Preview is obtainable for all Pixel, Nexus 6P, 5X and Pixel C smartphones. To consider this version, it's easy, just comply with the guideline .

Go through the manufacturing facility picture

Essential Observe: The manufacturing facility photographs of Android eight.1 Oreo are not obtainable at the second. The process spelled out in this portion of the short article is therefore not valid at the second. We ought to pass the Android Beta System.

It is doable to flash directly the manufacturing facility picture of Android , given that it is obtainable on the Google Developer web-site . Recall to make a backup of your information in advance of setting up the picture, given that the procedure will erase them.

How to flash the picture of a manufacturing facility?

Installation of ADB and Fastboot Instructions

On your computer (Home windows, Mac OS or Linux), you will want the Android SDK (or at the very least SDK resources), obtainable on Android developer web-site . On the webpage, click Obtain Choices and obtain the file corresponding to your OS in portion Get the command line resources . Unzip the downloaded archive and a folder android-sdk-xxx need to appear - xxx dependent on your functioning process.  command_line_tools_fastboot

In this folder, go to resources and operate the file android . A window Android SDK Manager will open. Choose Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-Tools observed in Tools and, if you are on Home windows, check out also Google USB Driver in Extras . When the set up was completed, a new folder system-resources was additional to the android-sdk-xxx folder. It incorporates all the files desired to put in our manufacturing facility picture.


If you are on Home windows and your cellphone is not regarded by ADB regardless of the preceding phase 15 seconds ADB Installer obtainable for XDA ]can also do the trick (all through set up, reply "y" to all questions and push Enter).

 15 seconds adb install windows

In situation of troubles under Home windows, you may possibly want USB motorists, also obtainable for obtain if your product does not put in them instantly all through the initial connection.

Your product ought to also be in USB debug mode. To do this, go to the "About" portion of the options and click on the Make Selection box 7 situations till a information appears at the base of the monitor. Then go back again and enable the alternative USB Debugging in the Choices for Developers menu. If a pop-up window appears when you link your cellphone to the computer, asking you to allow for USB debugging, click Okay.

Flash of the manufacturing facility picture

On the webpage of Google Developer obtain the manufacturing facility picture corresponding to your smartphone, for the Nexus 5X it will be bullhead-opp3.170518.006-manufacturing for case in point. Uncompress the archive in the folder system-resources just one of the subfolders of android-sdk-xxx that was installed before.


It's time to participate in with your Computer system's terminal. Link your smartphone to your Computer system by using USB, building absolutely sure that USB debugging is enabled. Open a terminal, and kind " cd The / Path / To / Platform-Tools / " to place your terminal in the suitable folder. Definitely, replace The / Path / To / Platform-Tools / by the authentic path to your folder system-resources . For case in point, this gave / Consumers / humanoid / Downloads / android-sdk-macosx / system-resources in my situation.

cd / Consumers / humanoid / Downloads / android-sdk-macosx / system-resources

Soon after getting care of backing up and synchronizing all your information kind in your terminal under Home windows or Linux " adb reboot-bootloader " or " . / Adb reboot-bootloader " under Mac OS . If it does not perform, you can flip off your cellphone and flip it on once again in holding down the electricity and quantity down buttons it will have the identical outcome.

reboot-bootloader adb
./ reboot-bootloader adb

When in the bootloader, make absolutely sure that you have uncompressed the contents of the previously downloaded .zip file in system-resources and kind "flash-all.bat " ] if you are under Home windows, or kind " sh " if you are under Linux . Less than Mac OS it will initial be important to modify the file to replace all " fastboot " with " ./ fastboot "in advance of typing" sh "

flash-all.bat under Home windows
sh under Linux
./ fasboot rather of fastboot in then sh under Mac OS


In a nutshell

  • Install fastboot and adb
  • Obtain the .zip file on Google Developer
  • Put archive files in system-resources
  • Help you save all his information
  • Help USB Debugging
  • cd / Path / To / system-resources
  • adb reboot-bootloader or ./ adb reboot-bootloader on Mac OS

Less than Linux

Less than Mac OS

  • Replace all " fastboot " with " ./ fastboot " in
  • sh

Less than Home windows

It's more than! Leave the script and wait around for the cellphone to restart under the new version.

Be part of Android Beta System

The most straightforward way to update its Google Nexus 6P 5X or its Pixel C - unmodified - to Android eight.1 Oreo, is to go through the Android Beta System . In simple fact, just go to the system webpage to sign-up your compatible product .


When this phase is more than, the OTA notification need to not be slow to position the idea of your nose in your notifications drawer. If not, go to your cellphone's options to check out for updates ( About the Phone> Technique Updates ). All you have to do is begin the obtain and restart your smartphone to choose advantage of Developer Preview .

                 Nexus 5X

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