all hidden tricks to know definitely

all hidden tricks to know absolutely 

The Facebook Messenger software which now has much more than one particular billion every month energetic buyers would like to substitute our SMS. Will she arrive there? It's one more tale. In the meantime, here are all the tricks you need to have to use it better.

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You assumed you knew all the things about Facebook Messenger, the well known rival instantaneous messaging software from WhatsApp and Skype? Imagine again: Like its rivals, the platform is total of hidden options and very well-saved strategies. It's time to know all the things about your favourite application!

one. No need to have to be on Facebook to use Messenger

Very well certainly, opposite to typical beliefs, it is now doable to use the email client, even if you do not have an account on the social network . All you need to have to do is down load the software from the Play Keep and click on "I'm not on Facebook" when you log in when launching the software. Then you will just enter your name and mobile phone range and incorporate a photograph.

 Facebook messenger without account

two. Logging in from a Computer

It was, of course, already doable to use Facebook instantaneous messenger from a Computer but delivered you link by using the social network. From now on, you just have to go on the site and then to link. You will then locate an interface similar to that of the software but declined in a desktop model.

 facebook web messenger  facebook web messenger

3. Use Facebook Messenger as SMS Client

Given that the past update of the software, it is doable to use Facebook Messenger as SMS / MMS client . Your SMS conversations are displayed in the middle of all those of the email client and it will allow you to use a one software as an alternative of two. To empower this possibility, merely find Messenger as the default SMS client in the Android settings.

4. Send a quick video of 15 seconds in a conversation

On Facebook Messenger, it is doable to share photos in your conversations but also movies, you just need to have:

  • Simply click the Digicam icon just higher than the concept entry industry
  • Extensive press the shutter button on the digital camera to document your video
  • Uploading your video as you do for a photograph

5. Submit your locale

We concur, Messenger has usually authorized to share his locale with his interlocutor. Besides that in advance of, this possibility was activated by default and it was for that reason essential to deactivate it if you did not want us to know exactly where you were . A procedure not extremely simple, particularly due to the fact we did not imagine about it all the time. Fortunately, due to the fact that has altered and you only share your locale if you desire with the aid of a button. In addition, it is also doable to share a close by strategic locale such as a cafe or store.

 facebook messenger location

6. Send GIFs

And certainly, Facebook Messenger now will allow you to share GIFs in conversations. To do this, merely tap the three-dot icon discovered on the proper of the conversation possibility bar and then click on GIF or one more third-get together software installed on your mobile phone. The application will also propose other GIF databases applications.

seven. Customize your conversations

To make all the things a small much more appealing, it is now doable to customise your conversations. It is doable to select a distinctive shade than the standard blue messenger, to give an emoticon to the conversation or to assign you a pseudonym. For this:

  • First Day in a Dialogue
  • Simply click on the "i" icon on the higher proper
  • Decide on the possibility of your choice and abide by the guide

 facebook messenger options  facebook messenger options

Reduce the notifications

A single of your interlocutors sends you ten messages per minute? Do you know that it is doable to minimize notifications for a distinct discussion. A silent manner that you can activate, possibly for a mounted period or right up until you reactivate the notifications. For that, you just need to have:

  • Simply click on the "i" icon at the prime proper
  • Decide on the possibility "Notifications"
  • Environment the period of the interruption

 Facebook messenger notifications  Facebook messenger notifications

nine. Empower ephemeral messages

Recently, the software provides a new possibility, most likely inspired by Snapchat to send out ephemeral messages. After this possibility is activated, the interface will then alter shade and a concept will warn you that messages sent in the course of this period will be deleted one particular hour right after they are sent. To activate ephemeral messages, merely click on the hourglass at the prime of the conversation and do the very same to disable them.

 facebook messenger ephemeres messages

ten. Accessibility filtered messages

A handful of months back, Facebook removed the "Other" mail inbox . Now, spam and messages deemed unwanted by the social network land in a mystery inbox. The issue is that from the second the sender is not in your contacts, then the concept is redirected to this mystery box. So you can potentially skip out on an important concept. Here's how to access this box.

  • Start the software and open the parameters by clicking on the serrated wheel on the prime proper
  • Simply click on "Speak to" to access the sub-menu and then on "Invitations by using concept"
  • Then click on "Watch Filtered Requests"
  • You will then see the record of all all those who sought to get in touch with you
 facebook messenger invitations

11. Share a doc from Dropbox

Superior news! Facebook Messenger now lets you share your files stored on Dropbox with your mates. For that, it is plenty of that Dropbox is installed on your smartphone and that you are connected (if essential, one particular will propose you to down load the software) and that your buddy also uses Dropbox on his smartphone. To share a doc with a buddy, merely:

  • Opening the Dialogue
  • Simply click on the "Much more" button at the base proper of the conversation industry
  • Open Dropbox
 facebook messenger dropbox

12. Share a music with Spotify

Spotify is now aspect of the applications built into the email client. To share a music with a buddy, it's extremely basic. After in the conversation, you just need to have

  • Simply click on the "three points" button at the base proper to open the "Much more" menu
  • Decide on Spotify
  • Pick out a music in the application and click send out
 facebook messenger spotify  facebook messenger spotify

13. Changing the sizing of "likes" in conversations

To the proper of the concept entry industry, there is a "I like" emoticon to reveal to a buddy that you concur with his former concept, devoid of necessarily having to solution him by concept. but did you know that it was doable to alter the sizing of the thumb according to your degree of approval. All you need to have to do is to make a extended press on the emoticon in advance of sending it.

 facebook messenger

fourteen. Give nicknames to your mates

And certainly, it's quite doable to give nicknames to your mates and to give you a particular nickname in a conversation. It's extremely basic and it can even be entertaining. For that, you just need to have:

  • Traveling in the conversation of your choice
  • Simply click on the "i" icon at the prime proper to open the menu
  • Simply click on "Nicknames"
  • Environment up your nickname and / or that of your buddy
 facebook messenger nicknames

15. Empower stop-to-stop encryption


Recently, Messenger integrates stop-to-stop encryption of conversations . But this one particular is not computerized: you have to know how to activate it. To do this, go to one particular of your energetic conversations. Touch the Details icon at the prime proper of this one particular.

Scroll down to locate the possibility "Magic formula Dialogue". A concept will convey to you the characteristics: the encryption is stop-to-stop, the servers can not read what you and your buddy convey to you.

The window goes all black, and a new possibility in the form of a clock seems: this is the one particular that will let you to give a limited time to your concept right after session. Thus, when the concept is opened by your buddy, it will be erased at the stop of the provided time.

sixteen. Play video games Fast Online games

Facebook Messenger now has its own gaming platform Fast Online games. To participate in, it's extremely basic. All you need to have is the newest model of the software. After in a conversation, you just have to click on the icon representing a joystick in the solutions proposed higher than the industry of entry of the messages. The record of video games will then be displayed and you will only have to select which one particular you desire to participate in.

17. Chat with chatbots

In current months, Facebook Messenger gives you the option to chat with a model or with a webpage as a result of a chatbot. This is a rudimentary synthetic intelligence that will merely make you communicate. Some of these bots can send out you a summary of the news, other folks, like Ricoré will send out you a joke just about every morning ... In quick, in the world of bots, there is all the things. This is particularly helpful when a webpage is not obtainable to inquire. In this case, his chatbot can consider around and provide you with some basic information and facts.

18. Send money to your mates

 facebook messenger  facebook messenger

Given that November 2017, it is doable to very easily exchange and acquire money by using the Facebook Messenger software. To activate this element, you will certainly need to have to incorporate a VISA or Mastercard credit history card in the software. Additionally, the approach is extremely simple and extremely quickly. To find the full procedure, take a look at our tutorial .

19. Develop playlists with mates many thanks to Spotify

 spotify facebook  spotify facebook

In the Messenger software, it is now doable to make Spotify playlists with mates, to organize a big get together for example. To activate this support, designed by both of those applications, you only need to have to link your account by using an on the internet platform. A Spotify extension will be additional to Messenger and your mates, even all those who do not use the songs streaming support, will be in a position to take part. To discover much more, find our tutorial .

twenty. Ask Messenger to send out you a reminder

 IFTTT messenger

Many thanks to the well known automation software IFTTT it is doable to check with a Chatbot Messenger to remind you of your important gatherings. To empower this element, down load IFTTT, and have entertaining developing recipes. At the slightest celebration additional to your Google calendar, or iOS, the IFTTT chatbot can send out you a quick concept to make guaranteed you have not forgotten nearly anything. This is a extremely simple element for the distracted.

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all hidden tricks to know absolutely 

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